Advertel proves your advertising results by providing you with a different advertising number for each unique media.

When a local presence is required we advise the use of "01" and "02" numbers. These work in the same manner as "0800" numbers in as much as your office number is placed behind the number allocated. Should you wish to advertise in an adjacent town you may want to put that town's STD code in place of your own to appear local to the audience you are targeting. Potential customers who see the new advert are generally more comfortable contacting a supplier within their own area (even though you aren't actually in that location).

A point to consider is that mobile phone companies can heavily penalise callers dialing an "08"number - up to 25 pence per minute! Freephone numbers are charged to a mobile phone user. Advertel's 01 and 02 number ranges are included in a mobile user's "bundled" package.

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